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From the CEO, Fred J. Meis

We have all heard that the one constant in our lives at our job or outside of our jobs is CHANGE! Today at our Medical-Staff meeting we discussed change as we look toward the future of Kearney County Health Services. The term we are hearing about more and more is Population Health. What does that mean? Population Health as I understand it is that KCHS will in the future be paid for how well we take care of all those we serve who  reside in our population base in concert with all the other health care providers who serve our population in addition to KCHS. It means we must  partner with Public Health and all other providers who accept payment from Medicare and Medicaid. In the future the payment received by KCHS will depend on the Quality of Care we provide that will keep our population healthy along with that provided by all the other healthcare providers who serve our population. Therefore we must understand and know for certain what the health related needs of our population are which may include such areas as Diabetic Education, Heart Disease Prevention and Cancer Screening. How we address these needs will in the long run determine the success of KCHS. We must be prepared to communicate with all those who live and work in our population base including those who do not speak English as their native language. Speaking of change some of the positive changes we have seen lately involve the installation of our new 64 Slice CT Scanner which is up and running now. Our portable x-ray machine that has seen its better days will have to be replaced. We were aware that this day would come and have budgeted for an updated model. Thanks to all who worked on the homecoming float and participated in Spirit Week we had lots of fun with this!

~ Fred J. Meis, CEO


Employee of the Month - Kerry Tanfield (Dietary)

Kerry Tanfield was chosen as the October Employee of the Month!  She is employed as a dietary aide.  She has been employed at KCHS for about 7 months.  Kerry was nominated for Employee of the Month because she is considerate, kind, friendly, caring, apatient, and helpful.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand and always has a smile on her face.  Moreover, she goes out of her way to make sure everyone is satisified and hapy.

Kerry grew up in Garden City, Kansas and has lived in Nebrraska for about 23 years.  She states she has the best coworkers and loves working in the kitchen and being able to serve the residents and staff.  In her free time, Kerry enjoys watching sitcoms, thift shopping (espeically for vintage kitchen items), and going to zoos.  She has been to a lot of zoos, but she states Omaha Zoo outranks them all.  The monkeys are her favorite!  Congratulations, Kerry, for being chosen as October Employee of the Month!  Thank you for all that you do for the patients, residents, and staff at KCHS.


Stay Connected - WiFi Available at KCHS

For the convenience of our residents, patients and their visitors, KCHS launched wireless internet service (WiFi). The complimentary wireless access is available throughout the KCHS campus including LTC resident’s rooms, LTC solarium and dining room, hospital patient rooms and lobbies. To use the service, open your wireless device and a login screen will appear. Since the service is password protected, visitors will need to obtain the password. The nurses staff will be glad to assist you.


Welcome New Employees!

Lesley Knoble - Long Term Care

Janean Lang - Long Term Care

Jessica Aspegren - Long Term Care

Mary Anne Carlson - Long Term Care

Kylee Eckhardt - Acute