Long Term Care

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For concerns or questions, contact Kendra at 832-3400 ext. 2355

Our Long Term Care Nursing Home is part of the Kearney County Health Services campus. It is a short and long-term, residential health care facility that provides nursing care in an atmosphere of respect  and concern for each individual resident.

The Nursing Home was opened in 1971and has 34 private and semi- private rooms, a spacious dining room and and best of all Minden Medical Clinic and Kearney County Hospital share the same campus so emergency services are immediately available.

Ancillary Services

Since the facility is attached to the Hospital, Laboratory and X-ray departments, as well as the Minden Medical Clinic, residents have easy access to specialty clinics such as cardiology, urology, podiatry and orthopedic services. KCHS providers can provide on-site diagnoses and treatment. If hospitalization is necessary it is just a few minutes away.

Rehabilitative Services

Rehab services, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are contracted with Kearney, Nebraska Family Physical Therapy out of their office in Minden. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to deliver quality services to residents for short (2 weeks – 2 months) or long-term stays. Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy are coordinated and oriented to return the resident to his or her maximum physical potential. To follow up with PT and OT, Long Term Care provides a full time LPN and a Certified Nursing Assistant to carry out the exercises and activities to keep the resident at his or her prime physical condition. Two recumbent exercise machines are available for residents use with the rehab staff's assistance.

Other Services            

Our Social Service staff offers individual consultation and counseling. The interdisciplinary team will work with the resident and family to develop a plan of care focused on each individual. When discharge plans are appropriate the team will assist in the transition to home or another appropriate setting. Weekly nondenominational church services are offered to the residents as well as weekly bible study and daily devotions.


Residents are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of stimulating activities offered throughout the day, evenings and on weekends. Our recreation program includes special events, music, games, socials and entertainment. In addition, we plan special community outings with our van, and intergenerational activities. Residents’ families are encouraged to join their loved ones in recreational activities. A courtyard complete with a walking path, gazebo and comfortable outdoor furniture is available for a picnic or just to sit and enjoy the outdoors.  


Admission to Long Term Care is open to anyone who will benefit from our unique features and services. Nursing home services are eligible to applicants regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, handicap, sex, age, source of payment, marital status or sexual preference. Addressing the concerns and needs of prospective residents and their families is an important part of the admission process. Please feel free to discuss your questions about care with members of our professional team.

For more information about Long Term Care please, contact

Connie Jorgensen, Assistant Administrator of Long Term Care

Phone: (308) 832-3400 ext 2203 or