Welcome To Our New Hospital!

The $10 million project began two years ago when Kearney County voters approved the issuance

of bonds to fund the construction of a new patient room wing and renovate the existing 56 year

old facility.  Kearney County Health Services (KCHS) broke ground on the project on September 28,

2011 and completed the project in September 2013.


One of the most dramatic changes on the outside of the hospital is the

new entrance located at the southwest corner of the hospital. Vehicles

can pull up to the doors on a covered driveway to pick up or drop off

patients. Inside the new entrance, visitors are greeted at the reception

area and will find a spacious waiting room.

The location of the new nurses’ station was another feature that improved

efficiency. It was strategically placed between the two halls and the new

pharmacy is right there at the nurses’ station.    

The former ER room was expanded into the new emergency care area.

The side-by-side emergency bays provide medical staff quick and easy

access to both rooms while providing privacy to patients.

Both emergency bays are equipped with updated technology including

a teletrauma system. The system allows local doctors to communicate to

a high lever of care hospital for consultation, questions, to arrange for

transport, to discuss the patient’s statistics without ever leaving the

patient’s bedside.  


A new emergency waiting area provides a comfortable place for families

or others who bring patients for emergency care.


The patient rooms include features aimed at making the patients’ families

more comfortable as well. The sofa which includes two seats separated

by a small table will fold up with a push of a button to a spare bed where

a family member can rest during a patient’s stay.

White boards placed in each room not only aid nurses in communicating

during shift changes, but provide a place for family members to leave

questions or comments. Each room is fitted with a patient lift system

designed to help medical staff get patients in and out of bed safely,

both for the patients and for the staff. Medical charts are now maintained

 in a secured database. The new  acute wing has computers for medical

charting both inside the rooms and in the hallway so nurses have options 

for recording information. 

The new spacious restrooms are fully accessible and one of the patient

rooms is even equipped with a patient lift that goes from the bed into

the restroom. 

 A procedure room was created for diagnostics such as scopes and can

 also be used as an overfl ow emergency care area.


Two new offices in the outpatient area for visiting physicians provide

space for the doctors to work in. The offices can utilize the telemedicine

systems that allow physicians in different locations to consult over a

teleconferencing system.

The Administration and Staff of KCHS is very proud of their new facility and 

thank the citizens of Kearney County.  With their support we can strive to

carry on the Mission, Vision and Values of KCHS. 



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