Cardiac Rehabilitation

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People with cardiac illness need medical treatment, education, exercise and a monitoring program. The KCHS Cardiac Rehabilitation department offers three levels of  cardiac care:

  • Phase I is offered to inpatients after their heart attack, and is the very first step in teaching these patients and helping them recover.

  • Phase II is offered after patient discharge from the hospital and is a program of monitored, progressive aerobic exercise. Anyone who has had a heart attack, angina, bypass surgery or angioplasty is eligible for this program.

 Sessions are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and are conducted under the guidance of Julie Schmidt, RN, an ACLS certified coronary care nurse.  One of our KCHS physicians oversees the program while in session.

For those who wish to continue beyond Phase II, KCHS offers Phase III, a maintenance program, for graduates of Phase II as well as other appropriate candidates.

  • Phase III encourages individuals to maintain optimal capacity while reinforcing their educational foundation.

Cardiac Rehabilitation patients are referred by their physicians after specific cardiac events. Most insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid cover the cost of the Cardiac Rehab classes. For more information call 308.832.3400.